Installing Flutter on macOS

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Today we will be discussing how to install Flutter on macOS. Before we install Flutter, let’s understand what is Flutter. Now Flutter is an open-source UI SDK created by Google to develop Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux and web applications. Flutter applications are written in Dart programming language which, again, is created by Google. It is easy to learn and much faster in creating an application for all the devices.


  • macOS (64 bits)
  • 2.8 GB Minimum
  • Curl Software
  • Bash

Download Flutter SDK

use the following link to download the Flutter SDK 1.12.13

(Note: This is the latest version available currently for the stable channel. To download the latest version go to )

Move the downloaded file to the desired development folder and extract the same. Use the following command to extract the zip file after moving the zip file.

cd ~/DevelopmentFolder
(Replace versionNameFile with the version you downloaded).

One can directly clone the project from GitHub as an alternative to downloading and extracting using GIT command. (Note: For this GIT package should be installed in your system. To install GIT on your macOS follow this instruction).

cd ~/DevelopmentFolder
git clone

Adding Flutter PATH to environment

By adding the PATH to the environment, the system will know from where to use the Flutter package when it is called. We will be adding the PATH to the .bash_profile. To create the bash_profile file if it doesn’t exist enter the following command

cd ~
sudo nano .bash_profile

Bash_profile file is situated in our home directory and it is a hidden file. now add the Flutter PATH to the profile.

export PATH=/path/to/extracted/flutter/folder/bin:$PATH

To save the file and exit press CRTL+X and ‘y’ and ‘Enter’. We have to reload the bash_profile for the changes to occur for that enter the following command.

source ~/.bash_profile

Run flutter doctor

‘flutter doctor’ command is used to check the configuration of Flutter.

flutter doctor
flutter doctor -v (for detailed view)

To develop an iOS application you will be needing XCode. Download XCode from the app store and run the following command to configure it

sudo xcode-select --switch /Applications/
sudo xcodebuild -runFirstLaunch
sudo xcodebuild -license


We have successfully installed Flutter on macOS. Now you can create and run you flutter application with ease.


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